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Megagen Implant
Dental Implant Systems
We are a leading manufacturer of dental implants in Korea. 
We offer several kinds of implant systems in mass production, each of which can be applied to various cases as detailed below. 

  The first of these systems are the ExFeel External and Internal Systems. These systems are compatible with the Branemark, 3I, ITI and Swiss plus systems. This will enable most dentists to use the ExFeel systems without any further explanations.

  The second system is the EZ Implant System. This system also includes the abovementioned External and Internal systems. In addition to those, the EZ Implant System also has a little tapered thread at the upper side of the fixture. This creates a strong fixation at the soft bone, and is usually used as 1 Stage surgery, hence giving the system its name. Alternatively, it can also immediately use the soft extraction socket. If the multi abutment is applied, this system can also be used for 2 Stage surgery.

  The Intermezzo System is the third system. This system can either be applied temporarily or permanently. There are 4 kinds of diameters, and the two thick diameters will prove very useful by serving as the permanent system at the anterior of the mandible. This system’s strong point is that the thick diameters can be used to rescue a failed temporary implant.

  The fourth system is the Rescue System, which has a 6-8mm thickness. This system can be used without waiting for the bone’s re-growth when the surgery is unsuccessful and you need an immediate load for the fresh extraction socket in the molar area.

  The Megafix System is the fifth system. This system can be used with the Astra implant. It is extremely suitable for usage at the soft bone, because there is a micro thread at the upper part of the fixture. This makes it excellent for early loading.

In addition to the above systems, we also produce several types of surgical kits. Please visit our home page for more information. 

Furthermore, we have our own Dental Hospital and Education System. The MIR Dental Hospital is the world’s largest dental hospital. As it is similar to a general hospital, its facilities do not need further explaining.

As you know, the implant is not a simple product. There is a need for some surgical education prior to using the product. Our company offers an education course about dental implants, and we also give a lecture every week for local dentists. This can be facilitated in your respective countries.

I believe that there is a wonderful opportunity for success in this field due to the growing market in the elderly, many more of whom are seeing the importance of having healthy teeth. Strong economic development will also ensure the stability and growth of the dental implant industry. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any interest in working with us, or if you have any queries at all.

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